Image of Temple Island and the rowing course
Image of Temple Island and the rowing course
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Covid-19 Update

Good Evening


The number of Covid-19 cases in our borough is increasing, as it is just about everywhere in the country.

In response to this increase, Wokingham Borough Council has launching its ‘In It Together’ campaign to help everybody keep to the Covid-19 rules and slow the spread of infection. The campaign will focus on how the borough council and its partners are working together to reduce the impact of Covid-19 and how everybody can play a part in this.

We are asking elected members and parish councillors to support this by acting as champions for our Covid-19 messages, ensuring accurate information is disseminated and letting us know if you have concerns about any locations or venues.

The key messages we are promoting are:

  • The fewer social contacts you have, the less chance you have of spreading the virus
  • Always keep to the social distancing rules and wear a mask wherever required
  • If you are asked to self-isolate do so – there is financial support available to eligible people who cannot work as a result
  • If you have symptoms, get tested

Most people and businesses in the borough are following the rules and guidelines – but we need to make sure everybody is doing so.

If you are aware of locations or venues who are not following the rules, it is important that you let us know. Concerns can be reported to the Public Protection Partnership at


Please find attached the press release and  below the advert which will go out 22/10/20

John Halsall

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