Image of Temple Island and the rowing course
Image of Temple Island and the rowing course
Remenham Parish
Remenham Parish

Conditions of Hire - June 2021

We hope you will enjoy using Remenham Parish Hall.  Please read the conditions set out below. 

a)   The duration of time required for setting up and clearing must be included within the times on the Booking Form. 

b)   The finishing time stated on the Booking Form is the time at which you and all members of your party must have vacated the premises. 

c)    Remenham Parish Hall has a Premises Entertainment Licence under the Licensing Act 2003.  This does not include the sale of alcohol.  ALCOHOL MAY ONLY BE SOLD on the premises after obtaining a Temporary Event Licence from Wokingham Borough Council.  It is the responsibility of the hirer to apply for the Temporary Event Licence (£21).  Please contact Pat Sly, Bookings Manager: about this. 

A copy of the temporary licence, when obtained, must either be scanned and emailed to the above address or posted to Pat Sly at the address on the booking form. 

d)     Parking is permitted on the gravel drive and on the grass. 

e)   The building and garden should be left in a clean and tidy condition with any chairs and tables used from the store returned there.  There are approx. 40 folding plastic chairs kept in the outside store to use outdoors.  The upholstered chairs (approx. 90) must not be used outside.  The wood flooring in the main hall must not be wet washed.  It should be swept and any spills removed with a damp cloth.  Brushes, etc can be found in the outside store or kitchen broom cupboard. The kitchen surfaces and folding tables must be wiped clean. 

f)     No nail, hook or screw is to be driven into the walls, ceiling, wood panelling or equipment and no sticky substance or Sellotape should be affixed to the walls, ceiling, etc.  

The curtains should only be opened and closed by using the pulleys. 

g)    MUSIC/NOISE – The attention of all hirers is drawn to the Conditions of the Premises Licence (a copy of which is on display on the hall notice board), paying particular attention to Page 3, Annex 2 d),  1a), 1b) and 1c) which states that amplified music must not be played before 1200 hours or after 2300 hours Monday to Saturday (2230 Sunday) and any unamplified music played between 2300 hours and midnight must not be audible at any point beyond the boundary of the site. All music must cease by midnight Monday-Saturday, 10.30 Sunday.

h)   LOSS OR DAMAGE – The hirer shall be responsible for settling in full any claims resulting from theft or loss of any description from the hall.  All damage to the building, fittings or equipment must be reported.  In view of fire hazard, candles must not be used inside the building and fireworks are not permitted inside or outside the building by private hirers. 

i)    All rubbish should be put in the appropriate Grundon bins by the small wooden shed to the left of the front pedestrian gate.  No glass or plastic bags should be put in the Mixed Recycling bin. 

j)  On departure – please check that all the heaters, lights (including in the toilets and the link between the Fire Exit and the outside store) and kitchen equipment have been turned off.  After switching off the two fridges, remove everything from the small top freezer sections, if used, leaving ice cubes in the sink to defrost, and wipe out as much of the frost as possible.   Leave the doors ajar. 

k)   The premises must be vacated by 0100 hrs Monday-Saturday, 2330 hrs Sunday.



Finally, make sure that all the fire doors are closed (they are labelled) before locking the outside door and returning the keys as arranged.  WHEN DEPARTING AT NIGHT, PLEASE ENSURE THAT EVERYONE DOES SO QUIETLY WITH DUE CONSIDERATION FOR THE NEIGHBOURS.


CONTACT: Pat Sly - 01491 577925/07909  795843.   

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Church Services



Sunday 26 September

11.15am Holy Communion (BCP) with hymns

Rectory Office – 01491 577340


For the time being, we will continue to receive communion in one kind; we will sing hymns but wait a while to return to full sung services; we will continue to space out in church; and the congregation can choose whether or not to wear a mask.
This Sunday Father Jeremy is away and we look forward to seeing Father John Croton who hasn't been to us for some time.
We continue to hold a service every Sunday at 11.15am (details above).  The church is open daily from 9.30am to 4.00pm for private prayer.  When in church, please observe social distancing, use the hand sanitiser provided and wear a mask.

Cleaning protocols etc are in place in church.   

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