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The Archbishops have this afternoon requested the suspension of public worship. This does not mean that church stops. In fact, it is imperative that we continue to live our life as Christians faithfully together in this place during these difficult times. Morning and Evening Prayer will continue to be said daily in St Mary’s, and the bell will be rung so people know that it is happening (not to encourage them to come!). You can join in from your homes using this website:…/join-us-service-daily-pra…. The Eucharist will be celebrated regularly in St Mary’s, perhaps even daily, with a congregation of one, on behalf of all those who cannot come – again, the bell will be rung so people know it is happening.



Father Jeremy’s sermons will continue to be uploaded weekly to the St Mary's website . We will be connecting with others in Henley to find ways of supporting those who are most vulnerable in these difficult times. And we will in the coming days be working hard to develop better ways of keeping in touch with our regular worshippers. Please keep in touch with Fr Jeremy, and the churchwardens, and with one another.
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MARCH 2020


Sunday 29 March

11.15am sung matins with hymns (BCP)

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